[NOTICE] Final Notes!

hi again! (  ̄っ ̄);;

so over the past few days and after receiving quite a few messages!! we’ve decided that will keep exom-trans & exok-trans open!  that way, all of our past translations will still be available to exo’s fans (◍˘‿˘◍)

we will be closing our ask boxes though, as we will no longer be active on this blog.

however!!! simply because we are no longer active, please don’t forget to give credits for our translations if you ever use them. 

that said,
thank you again for the support you’ve given us in the past two years ♡

[NOTICE] Time to say goodbye!

hello, everybody!

as you may have noticed, we have been posting significantly less (and slower, when we do).  most of us have become increasingly busy.  in the two plus years since we’ve been active, you’ve given us all a lot of support, and we thank you for that! (。˘ ω ˘。)

however, as many of us are either too busy to keep updating or have begun to fall out of fandom, it’s time for us to say goodbye.

we plan on deleting our blogs (exom-trans & exok-trans), and will be doing so on Monday, July 21st.  however, if you want us to keep the translations up, send us a message, and if we have enough interest, we’ll leave the blog open.

once again, thank you for the support you’ve given us over the years!

good-bye (●˘◡˘●) ♡

[WEIBO] 140708 - Tao’s Update

我是中国人。山东青岛的黄子韬 。我是TAO 我为EXO代言。 EXO. 11人 3名中国人。我们中文讲的很好。虽然我们的公司不在中国, 可国籍不会变, 我们为全世界的粉丝而存在。 我们是EXO.

I am Chinese. Shandong Qingdao’s Huang Zitao. I am Tao and I speak for EXO. EXO. 11 people, 3 Chinese people. We speak Chinese very well. Although our company is not in China, our nationality will not change, we exist for our fans all over the world. We are EXO.

source cr; tao’s weibo
translation: hyewon@exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

[WEIBO] 140708 - Lay’s Update

我是在exo队伍里的中国人 可以说中文 还有和我并肩作战的2个中国兄弟 和8位韩国兄弟 我们一直在韩国中国世界的舞台上为了喜欢支持我们的人歌唱表演 我相信音乐没有国界 希望成为 中韩友谊沟通的桥梁 不让任何一个喜欢我们的人失望 我们正在努力着 加油!

I am a Chinese person in EXO, I can speak Chinese. There are also my two Chinese brothers who are beside me and eight Korean brothers. We have continually been on Korea and China’s stages singing and performing for the people who like and support us. I believe that music has no borders, I hope that it can become the bridge of friendship and communication between Korea and China. We will not let down any of the people who like us, we are working hard, jiayou!

source cr; lay’s weibo
translation: hyewon@exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

[WEIBO] 140706 - Lu Han’s Update

暂时离开剧组了,拍电影很有意思~谢谢前辈们的照顾,让我学到了很多东西! 期待下次进组!^^

Temporarily leaving the cast, filming the movie is very interesting~ Thank you to the seniors for taking care of me, allowing me to learn a lot of things! I anticipate the next time in the cast!^^

source cr; lu han’s weibo
translation: hyewon@exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

[WEIBO] 140706 - Lay’s Update

My thoughts after watching Happy Camp, these are also the words from my heart~

The same question, it was so difficult to put into words, before each of us answered it
The same question, it became so unified, as each of us answered it
The same question, it became so moving, after each of us answered it
I’ll leave the tears to my companions, for after experiencing this, we will all grow and change. You have all truly worked hard, I am very worried about you
A lot of fans told me that they are very tired. Are you tired? Then just rest for a while, it’s alright. Actually, each one of you has the right to like the people you like, every one of the people you like is very brilliant/talented
But everyone, please, don’t pull the string too tight, don’t tire yourself too much, I don’t want the person you support to become your burden, to become a quarrel. I believe that the person that you support also feels this way, so you should all give yourselves some space to relax

As for the topic of these (malicious) rumors (t/n: literal translation as black), it has followed me for over a year. The things that I have never done do not need to be explained. I just don’t feel that what is white can be described as black, or that black can become white (t/n: literally that black cannot be dyed into white). It’s only some speculation that have caused useless discussions because no one understands the true situation. Of course there will be guessing, attempts to figure it out, discussions, I understand it completely, so everyone please don’t mind it too much
I also anticipate that the company will change. At the same time that EXO is progressing, they also pay attention to each person’s ideas and dreams, creating opportunities for us, they will not only think of themselves, because every person in EXO is excellent and full of endless individual charms
The company is a good company, I am willing to believe in the company, that it will continuously progress and change. Games have their rules, so the company also has its own rules. No one can be one hundred percent accommodating, but you can mutually adapt, listen to one another’s opinions, and be courteous, that way you can do more with less. I believe that EXO will be even better.

Actually, as each member becomes more well known, it can also bring EXO and the company more honor.
I hope that we, the company, and the fans can encourage and support each other.
I hope that EXO becomes more brilliant, I anticipate that EXO will be the best, I want EXO to shine as the best!

source cr; lay’s weibo
translation: hyewon@exom-trans
please take out with full credits
do NOT repost on tumblr

[WEIBO] 140628 -Tao’s Update

出发啦哈哈 你们有事给我打电话喔哈哈,开个玩笑。演唱会加油 。 记住每天给自己一个微笑~

We’re departing haha. If there is anything give me a call haha, just kidding. Jiayou for the concert. Remember to give yourselves a smile every day~

source; tao’s weibo
translation cr; amy@exom-trans
please take out with full credits.

[NOTICE] Hiatus

Hey guys~

We’re gonna be going on hiatus for the next month because of exams. We’ll be back in action on the 26th of June \o/

Thanks for the support so far,
We’ll see you in a month!

- Emt