[FROM. LU HAN] Hello everyone, this is Lu Han.

In the blink of an eye, 2 years have already passed. Time really does pass quickly.
In the past two years, I’ve experienced so so much!

I’ve also learnt so much, I’m really thankful to everyone!

I will work even harder!

I will work hard to improve myself, to perfect myself, to become someone that is worthy of all that you do for us!

I love you all! Exo, jiayou!

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[FROM. LAY] Hello everyone

Time passes so quickly.
It’s actually our second anniversary. I’m extremely happy and extremely grateful.
The 8th of April I remember when we first debuted and today are vastly different.
But you all are still by our sides, thank you. I’m grateful for your support for us.
We are still the same as before, because of all of your cheers we work hard, to not disappoint you all.
In this happy second anniversary, I wish for everyone’s wishes to come true and for everything to go well.
I also hope that as in all your hearts there is us, behind us there is all of you.


Xiumin gege! The trend! Hahahahaha

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[FROM. XIUMIN] I’m EXO’s Xiumin

We are one!!
Hello. This is EXO’s Xiumin who has just turned two years old.

What day is April 8th?? EXO’s two year anniversary??
No~~ In order to meet the fans, it’s the day that EXO was born!!
As time has gone by and the days have passed by, EXO has grown up!
And our EXO fans have watched, protecting, supporting and loving us during that time!

Thanks to everyone’s overflowing love, us EXO, seem to be growing quickly and well~
I’m always thankful ^^
In order to repay all of the fans, I will only show an, always doing my best, cooler, improving image. 

So! We worked hard preparing this new album!
Everyone~ Are you hearts ready to meet our new image?
Us EXO just want to meet you guys quicker~ >.<

So promising to meet soon, how about shouting together?
"We are one! EXO let’s love!"

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[FROM. KRIS] Hello everyone I am Kris

Thank you to all the fans who have been constantly supporting EXO.
We will continue to work hard and reach new heights.
Meigeni, I like you (all) and it won’t change. Happy second anniversary EXO.

For being by our side during these two years thank you. We will work harder in the future! We will make history. happy two years!

shout out to all the exo fans from around the world you guys are amazing without you guys exo will not be made possible. we will keep up the hard work. wont let you down. happy 2years.

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[FROM. CHEN] Hello. I’m EXO’s Chen.

Hello. I’m EXO’s Chen.

Today is the day that’s been two years since we debuted!!
Because I’m recieving congratulations from so many people, I’m having a very good day^^
Is everyone having an enjoyable day?

There isn’t much left of today! Please spend it warmly.
This is of course the same for tomorrow as well!!!

That it’s the two year anniversary doesn’t feel real yet bt
When I think about the memories that I share together with fans during that time, it really feels like it was a happy two years. I love everyone. ^^

You’re going to make many memories together with us in the future right?

And the members that I’ve run together with for two years!!!!
Luhanie hyung, Xiumin hyung, Kris hyung, Suho hyung, Lay hyung, Chanyeolie, Baekhyunnie, D.O., Tao, Kai, Sehunnie
Everyone thank you and I love you.

EXO let’s love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We are one!
Hello it is EXO XIUMIN.

I felt like I heard all the fans’ voices
congratulating me on my 25th birthday! (Ah I like it ^^;;)
Thank you so much.

But I… can I be this happy? >.<;;

EXO is preparing hard for our next album
so please anticipate it a lot!

And lastly, our fans~

thank you for being born

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[WEIBO] 140315 - Chinese Yinyuetai’s Update

#不朽之名曲#@EXO-M 《一起吃苦的幸福》。因为同一个梦想相聚,对未来有太多的期许,但只要一起,大大的烦恼也都化为小小的尘埃。We are one!一起挥洒汗水,一起眺望远方,一起欢乐玩耍,一起幸福歌唱。往事一幕幕将我们搂住,虽然有时候际遇起伏,至少我们有一起吃苦的幸福

#ImmortalSong#@EXO-M 《The Joy of Suffering Together》. They gathered for the same dream, they have too many expectations for the future, but as long as they are together, large worries become dust. We are one! Sweat together, look into the distance together, play together, happily sing together. We will clasp the scenes of the past, even though sometimes fate has its ups and downs, at least we will have the joy of suffering together.

(Note: The original post has 9 photos and a link to the video of the performance.)

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