[WEIBO] 140314 -Lay’s Update
大家一定要注意安全!!! 祈求所有人平安,平安就好。 世界平安 中国平安( 昆明平安 长沙平安)
Everyone please take note of your own safety!!! Praying for everyone to be safe, as long as they’re safe it’s good. World peace, peace in China (Peace in Kunming, peace in Changsha)
(this is likely in response to the knife attack that occurred in Changsha/ Kunming)
source cr; lay’s weibo
translation: amy@exom-trans
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[FROM. KRIS] Hello everyone I am Kris

I’m very happy that we were able to meet the fans and hold a fansign today in Hong Kong ^^

In the future there will be more opportunities to see everyone,

so everyone please wait for us and continue to support us.

Today’s venue was very crowded and more dangerous,

I hope that if any of our fans were hurt that they are treated quickly,

at the same time I also hope that in the future while you all are supporting us you also must care for your own safety,

your safety is of the most importance~ Thank you all for your passionate support I love you all~ See you next time♥

source cr; exo-m’s website
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[From. LAY] Hello everyone!

We’ve arrived at Hong Kong. Thank you everyone for your concern and for coming to the airport to support us.

In a while, the fansign session will start. I hope that I’ll be able to quickly meet with everyone.

source; exom’s site
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[WEIBO] 140218 - EXO-K/EXO-M’s Update

在北京首都国际机场EXO! #LUHAN#亲自拍摄的照片

EXO at Beijing Capital International Airport! The pictures that Luhan took himself

source cr; exo-m’s weibo
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[WEIBO] 140217 - Zhang Liyin’s Update


Today we recorded the song Breath on Arirang, thank you everyone for your support! Keep working hard, jiayou!!

source cr; zhang liyin’s weibo
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[LYRICS] When I Was… When U Were… - CHEN AND f(x) KRYSTAL [K/T]


많은 걸 바란 건 아냐 늘 곁에 있었던 건 
너의 말투 미소가 날 웃게 만들었지 언제나, 
그런 네가 싫지 않았어 

그랬니 나는 몰랐어 항상 귀찮은 듯 웃어서
내 눈을 바라봐 진심이니?
가끔은 나도 모르게 무뚝뚝한 네가 떠올라
이런 내 맘 설레는 내가 이상해 Woo..

한 계절 두 계절 지나, 1년이 다 돼가도
잊혀지지가 않는 건
늘 재잘거리던 날 보면서 새어 나온 네 웃음소리

그랬니 나는 몰랐어 언제나 답답해 했잖아
늘 뾰로통한 너 귀여웠지
가끔은 나도 모르게 귓가에 네 목소리 들려
귀를 막아보아도 소용없는걸 Woo..

어떻게 지내?, 내가 먼저 물을게
난…, 너무 잘 지내
거짓말 마, 나.. 다 알 수는 없겠지만 서로를

난 말야, 좋았었어
너와 나 서로 아꼈던
난 말야, 아플거야
계절이 수없이 지나가도
그래도 괜찮아, 그래도 괜찮아 Woo…


I’m not asking for a lot of things The thing that was always next to me
The way you talk your smile made me smile always,
I didn’t not like that you

Was it like that I didn’t know because you always laughed as if you were bugged
Look at my eyes Is that the truth?
Sometimes without me knowing I remember the cold you
Me with this type of heart is weird Woo..

One season two seasons pass, Even if one year goes by
The thing I don’t forget
Your laughter that escaped as you watched me rattle on

Was it like that I didn’t know You were always frustrated
The sulky you was cute
Sometimes without me knowing I hear your voice in my ear
Even if I block my ears it’s no use Woo..

How are you?, (I will ask first)
I’m…, (doing very well)
Don’t lie, 
I.. although we can’t know all we both

I, (liked it)
You and I what we each treasured
I, (It will hurt)
Even if the seasons pass by numerously
Even then it’s okay, it’s still okay Woo…

source: Mnet
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans
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[NEWS] 140213 - “EXO’s Showtime, Man With Few Words Xiumin Opens his Mouth in the Last Episode…Solo Talk Show? ‘Full of Expectation’”

Xiumin started talking during ‘EXO’s Showtime’s’ last episode.

On the cable channel MBC Every1 ‘Q&A Variety-EXO’s Showtime’ episode that is airing on the 13th, the members had a special time where they looked back at the past three months and shared their perspectives. 

Xiumin, who has said that he is a man of few words,  gathered interest by stating that “My new year’s resolution for 2014 was to talk more but I don’t think I was able to do that.” Xiumin is the type to have a few words even during the ‘EXO’s Showtime’ broadcast.

For Xiumin, the members had a special arrangement. They were going to repeat the attacking variety that Baekhyun and D.O had done during the past broadcast.

Xiumin became the sole guest for the ‘Baekhyun&D.O Show’ and he endured the attack-like questions that the two MCs aimed at him and Baekhyun fazed Xiumin with remarks from the start like “Why don’t you talk” “Watching the ‘Showtime-Practice Room’ you really didn’t say a word.”

To this, Xiumin gathered strength from the members that turned into the audience and their enthusiastic reactions and responded to Baekhyun and D.O’s questions calmly word by word.

source: Kyeongin
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[FROM CHEN] 140212 - Hello. It’s EXO Chen. ^^

Hello. It’s EXO Chen. ^^

The cold winter is passing by!
It’s quite sad for me, who likes winter. ㅎㅎ 

Through the great~ amount of love that I received from everyone last year,
I  am meeting everyone through SM THE BALLAD with the SMTOWN seniors.

Finally I get to stand on the showcase stage and show everyone,
and although I was nervous thank you for encouraging me so that I can finish the stage with the seniors well.

And please also love Liyin noona and my “Breath” that is being revealed tomorrow!!^^

source; exom’s official site
trans cr; nahbit @exok-trans
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