[XOXO: Thanks to] Xiumin (printed)

Finally… EXO whom you’ve waited and waited for! Have officially released the album~~!! (Wow~!) First of all, our EXO members! It’s been hard on you! ^_^ (Xīn kǔ le~ (T/N: the pinyin of “it’s been hard on you” in Chinese)) Also! The parents who gave birth to the very good looking EXO~ I love you all, thank you. We, EXO, will become dutiful sons who are filial to our parents! Ah! Also! Thank you Lee Soo Man-teacher and Kim Young Min-president who brought about EXO; Nam So Young-director general, Kyle Jeong-director, Han Se Min-director and Yoo Young Jin-director who often writes good songs for us, thank you all very much. I want to become an even more hard working Xiumin, no, EXO. (WE ARE ONE!) We definitely cannot do without mentioning these people~ the jiejies who have been by our sides and helped us ever since predebut, Lee Jeung Ah-jiejie, Hee Jun-jiejie, Yu Eun-jiejie, because of us, you have worked hard… In the future~ I will become a not-embarrassing! Handsome! And proud XIUMIN~ Thank you, I love you all~ ♥ And thank you to those who are currently living with us, protecting us, the firm and reliable, almost like one’s own geges and jiejies: Young Jun-ge, Min Uk-ge, Seung Hwan-ge, Yong Min-ge, Ji Hun-ge, Ah Reum-jiejie, we’ll be counting on you in the future too. Hyun Kyun-ge, Jae Jyeok-ge! Thank you to you two too! ^_^ Finally… Our dearest EXO fans! You’ve waited long, haven’t you? In order to present to the fans an even better image, we have always been preparing, the time that has passed has seriously been too long TT… Sorry… Also… For giving us such a big amount of love all the time, thank you so so so much… I’m extremely touched TT I love you all~ ♥ Then, from now on, will you run together with EXO? Are you ready? Let’s go!!!

source: Cordy♥
trans cr: xuan@exom-trans
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