[XOXO: Thanks to] Chen (printed)

Our fans, you’ve waited for a long time haven’t you? Our first album has finally come out! Thank you  for constantly giving me the deepest help and support. Looking at our fans like this, we will put in even more effort, to show you an even better side of us! ^^ The fans are also together with EXO. We Are One! I love you all Also, to my mom, dad and hyung who always believe in me and support me! You know how much I love you right?! My family members, hwaiting!! I frequently think you, and put in more effort in my activities. Don’t worry about me, I wish you good health~^^ I love you! At the same time, An Su Bong, Chu Bong Ku, Lee Ju Hyeong and Lee Kyu Man, Kim Nam Jong, Cho Ju Yeon, Kim Su Hyeon, Park Keon Wu, who are currently in the army, I love you!! And,  I want to thank Teacher Lee Soo Man  who allowed this album to be released, Kim Young Min CEO and all the staff at SM. Thank you Hyun Kyun hyung as well! Thank you SM sunbaes for showing concern for us, especially Ryeowook hyung, thank you~! Also, in the time that we’ve been preparing for the album, the manager hyungs, the members, thank you, you’ve worked hard. Especially Lay gege, Luhan ge, Kris ge, maknae Tao! When we had activities in China, the Chinese members who helped me a lot! Xiumin hyung who treats me as his younger brother! The same aged friends Chanyeol, Baekhyun, D.O. The younger brothers who are like hyungs Kai, Sehun. Cute leader Suho hyung. I love you all EXO Let’s love!!

source; Cordy
trans cr; amy @exom-trans
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