[XOXO: Thanks To] Lay (printed)

Firstly, I want to thank my mother.  During this journey you have given a lot, always supporting me, always encouraging, you’ve worked hard.  And then, the one who has always been good to me, the father who taught me to sing, although I cannot sing as well as you, I will continue to work hard.  Thank you to my grandmother and grandfather, who have raised me since I was little.  Because you are teachers, you have allowed me to grow up in the best environment.  I cannot stay by your side, so I feel really regretful.  I hope you are all in good health, and I also hope that I can bring you happiness.  And to the members who are just like family, thank you all ♡ Thank you Lee Soo Man, President Kim Young Min, Director Nam So Young, Director Kyle Jeong, Director Han Se Min, Director Yoo Young Jin, and all of SM Entertainment’s workers.  It is because of all of them, that we are able to put forth the best stages to perform for everybody, while the work behind the curtains is hard and complex.  Whether a day, or many months are needed for our preparation, they silently work, I’m really extremely thankful.  For being able to enter SM Entertainment, I have to thank Yu Eun jiejie, Ah Reum jiejie, Hee Jun jiejie, Lee Jeung Ah jiejie, and also for training me for four years.  And for all of the teachers who have given me lessons during that time,  Jin Young ge, Jae Won ge, Sang Hoon ge, Ku Young ge, Hyo Jae ge, thank you.  Ku Young ge, Jae Won ge, who have taught me during the time before dawn.  And there are our manager geges and jiejies, Min Uk ge, Young Min ge, Ah Reum jiejie, Hyun Kyun ge, Jae Hyeok ge, Ji Hun ge, Seung Hwan ge, Dal Young ge.  Especially Ah Reum jiejie, who has always taken care of me, from the moment I entered the company, when I did not know Korean, and I was without anybody to talk to, thank you for looking after me.  Even at the times when I misbehaved, you patiently continued to instruct me, thank you.  Next I want to thank my heroes~ especially those big gods who have taken care of everything~ you’ve worked hard for the past year.  Also to the xingmi who have stayed by my side for eight years.  If you guys aren’t heroes, I dare ask, who in the world could be called heroes?!!  I am an ordinary person, it just happens that I have a special job.  Yet the support, love, and care you have given me, have allowed me to travel this road warmly.  Thank you also for everything you have done for me, I remember everything, always keeping it in my heart, thank you.  There are also those fan friends from far away whom I cannot meet face to face, but always supported me all this time, I have not forgotten you all~ thank you.  I hope you can stay by my side forever, and also thanking all of EXO’s fans, you have worked hard, you guys are the best~!  Finally, thank you to my friends, all the students of classes 0316, 0406, 0711, I hope everybody can reach another level in their studies.  Thank you also to Kang XK, who has always encouraged and supported me, the help you have given to me while I was in Korea, you are the best.  You would often explore a lot with me when it came to composing.  Wait and when I come back remember to supplement my knowledge of music theory~~~ and additionally, thank you Hunan Normal University High School, Teacher Yang, Teacher Zheng, Teacher Li, Teacher Xiong, Teacher Chang, Director Chen, for all the help you have given during my time at school, and also thanking my alma mater~  in the new year, let’s all work hard~ I love you all. “Grateful, Filled with emotions, Touched, Thankful~” 

source: Cordy
trans cr: angi @ exom-trans
please take out with full credits

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