[XOXO: Thanks to] Kris (printed)

Firstly, I want to thank the members who have fought alongside together, thank you! For letting us create a name of our own, creating a history that belongs to us only, in the future, EXO will definitely become even more powerful, We Are One! I want to thank Teacher Lee Soo Man, thank you for grooming me, thank you for the faith you’ve had in me all these years, I will definitely repay you. and will not let your hopes down., I will work even harder, and not disappoint you and properly lead, and help the group towards success.  I hope that you can continue to believe in me, I will continue to put in more effort, and prove myself. At the same time I want to thank CEO Kim Young Min , thank you for the concern and help you’ve given us. We will continue to work hard at our activities and not let your various hopes for us down.  Director Nam So Young, Director Kyle Jeong, Director Han Se Min, Director Yoo Young Jin, thank you for all the care you’ve given us, you’ve really done a lot for us. At the same time, I want to thank Young Jun gege who has constantly shown me concern, care and trusted in me (Thank you for placing your hope in me, I definitely will not disappoint you), Min Uk gege (thank you for taking care of me like a real gege, I will work hard, please be assured.) Seung Hwan gege (The grace, understanding, care and hope you’ve had in me, I will not forget, I will definitely remember the lessons you’ve taught me.) Yong Min gege, (Best Soulmate thank you ge for being by my side when I was having trouble.) Ji Hun gege (You’ve worked hard, next time I’ll treat you to something nice to eat ^_^), finally,  Hee Jun jiejie and Ah Reum jiejie who have given me so much care like a family member, all these years because of your being by my side, I was able to persevere on, because of your teachings I was able to become even more mature, allowing me to have the opportunity to walk towards success. Thank you!!  Thank my family, my beloved grandfather, grandmother, auntie, uncle, cousin and mummy I love you! To me, you are the greatest support and also the motivation for me to never give up! and my friends, brothers, of course I would not forget you. Love you all, thank you. Finally, I want to thank all the friends who support EXO, you are the best. It doesn’t matter how hard it is or how long the wait is, it is all worth it. In the road ahead, I hope that you will be there to walk with us. And of course, my most important each and every one of you,  to all my fanqings*, I like you, my love will never change. We’ll walk down this road in the future together, let’s put in effort and jiayou!!! XN

Present Is The Best Present for us <3


*Name Chinese Kris fans give themselves.

source; Cordy♥ 
trans cr; amy @exom-trans
please take out with full credits

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