Anonymous asked:
"So if EXO-K wins the Best New Male Artist Award in Mnet's MAMA, won't it somehow "degrade" EXO-M since they didn't get the Newcomers' Award in the Music Billboard Newcomers Ceremony? o.O"

EXO-M wasn’t eligible for the Newcomers’ Award at the Music Billboard Newcomers Ceremony, but they won the Most Popular Group of the Year award at the Music Billboard Newcomers Ceremony.  M targets the Chinese market and K targets Korean market, etc.  Also winning/not winning awards don’t degrade artists, since criteria for awards are different for everything.


Anonymous asked:
"Will there be live stream of the awards tonight/tomorrow?"

The event is being held tomorrow, so I don’t think the event itself is going to be live streamed? We’ve seen no news on it so I think it’s safe to assume it will be recorded tomorrow and broadcast at a later date.

Anonymous asked:
"What would you like EXO's official fanclub name to be? :)"

anything but exotic

Anonymous asked:
"Remember when SME held a contest on the suggesting of Exo's official fanclub name? Everyone's getting used to "EXOtics". Are there any updates on the contest? Thanks. :)"

Nope, there hasn’t been any info posted from SME about the official fanclub name for EXO.  We’ll translate/post any official info we come across.

Anonymous asked:
"I know this is not related to exo-m but can you tell what are the chinese names of exo-k? :)"

Kim Junmyeon - 金俊勉

Byun Baekhyun - 卞白贤 

Park Chanyeol - 朴灿烈

Do Kyungsoo - 都暻秀

Kim Jongin - 金钟仁

Oh Sehun - 吴世勋