[MAGAZINE] CeCi September Issue - Kris

Charms/appeal: A charming leader who is like vintage wine that slowly gets deeper, born in Canada, is Chinese, has a brain that has a command of 4 languages.

My Seoul hideout: the beef intestine restaurant next to the company, it’s sad because I avoid eating meat, but diet is fate.

Hideout party gift: A coupon for a one day freedom.

A gift you want to receive from the members: Nothing. I’m always satisfied with the present moment. If another member wants one of my belonging, I can give it all. Ah, I’m sorry, but it’ll be difficult for the book I read or my notebook. I have to play games on my notebook and watch movies and dramas as well.

The drama you’re a big fan of: I watched tvN’s ‘I Need Romance’ with my heart throbbing. KBS’s ‘Iris’ is still entertaining after replaying it a few times.

Something you cherish: The fans’ letters. I read all of them slowly, but I still have difficulties with abbreviations, slang, and cursive handwriting, so I’ll have to practice my Korean more.

The moment I am sexy: Before going to sleep. When I wash up and brush my teeth. My face isn’t swollen up then. And because a man who works hard is cool.

The ideal type that makes your heart sway: Nice, with a lot of love, looking like an angel.

The thing that surprises you the most these days: The many fans we have gotten even though we debuted only 4 months ago. I’m always thankful.

To the fans: For yourself. I hope they won’t forget that they’re living for the people who love them. “I want to tell them that ‘Life is a happy thing’. We’re satisfied with this feeling and expression, even if it’s just in letters.

To the members: Xiumin, you’re the same age as me but your face looks too young, it gives me stress. Luhan, same for you. But I still love you. Lay, admit that thanks to your dance, I gave up on being lead dancer. Chen, I envy your high notes. Can’t you lend me your voice just for a day? Tao, your dark circles are too severe, but that’s your cool charm, don’t worry.

As a leader in the company: Trust me

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