Hey guys, we have decided to address a few concerning issues regarding posts that discuss Kris’s nullification of his contract with SM. Having seen a number of supposedly ‘believable’ posts circulating the internet, we would like to remind you that:

  • Posts coming from any source, no matter how official they may seem, can still be written from a biased viewpoint. Please read between the lines and do not believe everything you see.

  • Translations may still be translated with bias in mind. Please remember that translators can choose how they translate a post in order to put one party or another in a bad light.

  • Withhold judgement from both parties until you know the full story. Speculating or assuming that events have happened without prior knowledge can be harmful, and spreading rumours is worse. In our opinion, the best thing to do is remain neutral and support both parties: Kris for his future, and EXO for their future.

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[GIVEAWAY] EXO-M’S Overdose Album + Posters


Hey guys,

To celebrate EMT’s second year anniversary, as stated in the title, we will be giving away one copy of EXO-M’s Overdose Album!  It’s not much, but we wanted to show our appreciation for everybody who has supported our EXO-Translations team all this time! ♡

There will be one winner, who will receive one album along with the poster(s) that will be released.

So, just a few rules/guidelines before we start:

- this giveaway runs from April 11th - May 11th
- we will ship internationally
- you must be following both exom-trans AND exok-trans 
- you can reblog once, and like once, giving you a total of two entries  (if you reblog more than once, you’re disqualified)
- no giveaway blogs, either!

[WEIBO] 140218 - EXO-K/EXO-M’s Update

在北京首都国际机场EXO! #LUHAN#亲自拍摄的照片

EXO at Beijing Capital International Airport! The pictures that Luhan took himself

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[MISC] Sina Year in Review: EXO

The 2013 Korean Entertainment Industry through the Eyes of a Korean Group

Q: What was the most unforgettable part of this year?
The most unforgettable event was when we received the ‘Album of the Year’ award at the MAMA award ceremony in Hong Kong.

Q: Aside from your own music, who else’s music did you listen to? 
Justin Timberlake
Lu Han: Peter Gene Hernandez (T/N: Bruno Mars)

Q: Who are your good friends in the industry?
Lu Han: Super junior-seniors. They hold activities everywhere, so we see them at TV stations and radio stations a lot. Plus, they’re always giving us guidance, so they are seniors that I respect greatly, as well as friends!

Q: In the car, which album is listened to the most?
D.O.: SHINee’s album. In 2013, they did their public activities really actively. I think that every single song in every single one of their albums is really nice to listen to. So when I have the time, I listen to SHINee’s songs a lot.

Q: Other than EXO, whose performance has been the most attention catching?
Lu Han
: Henry! This year, he came out with a solo album for the first time. In both variety programmes and music programmes, he has caught people’s attention through his activities. He can even compose songs and write lyrics, play the piano and the violin. He really is a multi-talented artiste!

Q: What variety programmes do you watch in your free time?
Lu Han: Radio Star! I really like watching Radio Star, especially Kyuhyun hyung who has foresight to become the new poison-tongued MC! So it’s very interesting~ I really look up to him!
Kris: SHOWTIME! EXO’s SHOWTIME, I find it very meaningful! The members are all trying their best to show their own charms! So we always film it happily.

Q: Among the people you have seen on TV screens and movie screens this year, who would you like to collaborate with?
I have taken my first step as an actor. The actors that I respect are Kim Yoon Seok and Song Kang Ho. My wish to work with them could only just be a dream, but if it could possibly come true, then I would like to work with them!

Q: If you were given the opportunity, which role would you like to have acted?
No matter what it is, I will work hard to do it!

Q: What in the entertainment industry has left the deepest impression on you?
EXO’s activities this year have created a feeling of novelty for me. To me, everything that EXO has achieved this year through their public activities really is awesome, news that has left the deepest impression. 

Q: What is 2013 to you? (In one word or one phrase)
Miracle (Because there have always been many miracle-like things)
Chen: Love (We can fully feel the fans’ love towards us)

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[WEIBO] 131225 - EXO-M’s Update

请大家欣赏#SMTOWN WEEK#f(x)&#EXO#《Christmas Wonderland》的照片

Everyone please enjoy SMTOWN WEEK f(x) & EXO’s <Christmas Wonderland> photos

source; exom’s weibo
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans
please take out with full credits.

[WEIBO] 131224 - EXO-M’s Update

#EXO#的彩排。请大家多多期待今日的#SMTOWN WEEK# f(x) & EXO 《Christmas Wonderland》公演哦!

EXO’s rehearsal. Everyone please anticipate today’s SMTOWN WEEK f(x) & EXO <Christmas Wonderland> Joint Concert a lot, okay!

source; exom’s weibo
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[WEIBO] 131224 - EXO-M’s Update


Everyone can see EXO’s stage outfits at the SMTOWN exhibition.


source; exom’s weibo
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[WEIBO] 131224 - EXO-M’s Update


Congrats congrats! EXO received the ‘Most Popular Group Award of 2013’ at the Baidu Awards 2013!

source; exom’s weibo
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