[WEIBO] 140519 -Lay’s Update

这次演唱会很努力的准备中 最后四天时间 英雄们最想听到的歌曲 会以更成熟的面貌展现给大家 !知道是什么么? 期待吧 “I’m ….!”

Working very hard to prepare for this concert, it’s the last four days, the songs that the heroes want to listen to, we will present it with a more mature way to everyone! Do you know what it is? Anticipate it “I’m…!”

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[NEWS] 140517 - EXO members’ exclusive responses to Wu Yi Fan going solo: “We are very sad.”

Korean boy band EXO’s Chinese member Kris (Wu Yi Fan), on the 15th of May, formally requested for the Seoul Central District Court to nullify his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. The news immediately rose to attention, and fans have expressed their difficulties to accept the situation, worrying even more about whether the group’s first concert will be able to continue.

Tencent Entertainment contacted SM Entertainment and conducted an interview with the EXO-M members; all of the members expressed that Kris’s decision to terminate his contract took them by surprise. Chen disappointingly stated: “The concert that we’ve dreamed about for so long is just about to begin, yet something like this has happened, everyone is very sad.” Tao (Huang Zi Tao) bluntly stated, “This sort of bad behaviour makes others disappointed.” Aside from displaying their dissatisfaction towards Kris, the other members promised their fans that the concert and other schedules will continue.

Wu Yi Fan going solo causes a shock Rumoured to have been mistreated by company

Previously, there were rumours that Kris (Wu Yi Fan) was going solo because of the company restricting his individual growth. Numerous media companies have also attempted to make contact with SM Entertainment to confirm the truth about his termination.

SM Entertainment has previously said, “We are currently trying to confirm the truth. Right now we are very troubled, but we will try our very best to ensure that EXO’s activities will be conducted well.” On the other side, Seoul Central District Court has also announced through the media that it has received the lawsuit regarding Kris’s (Wu Yifan) contract termination.

Members: We did not previously know about Kris going solo; everyone is very hurt

Tao frankly stated, “It (the request for nullification) was actually right before the concert that is so important to all of us. He did not discuss it with anyone and went ahead with something like this; it’s the worst kind of action that makes people lose faith.” Lay (Zhang Yixing) expressed that, “We, EXO members, have no problem whatsoever with the company. We are continuing with our work.

As to whether the concert will be affected, Chen expressed his own hurt feelings. “The members are all very tired and hurt. The concert that we’ve dreamed about for so long is just about to begin, yet something like this has happened, everyone is very sad.” Xiumin (Kim Minseok) also expressed that they will put in their all to make sure the concert will not be affected: “Right now, the 11 members are currently putting their all into preparing for the concert so as to keep our promise with the fans. We Are One.

In response to EXO-M fans’ heated arguments on the internet regarding Kris’s departure, Lu Han expressed, “The thoughts of us 11 members are all the same: to put in our very best effort to prepare for the concert, and to hope that in the future there will no longer be such ill-hearted accusations.

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Hey guys, we have decided to address a few concerning issues regarding posts that discuss Kris’s nullification of his contract with SM. Having seen a number of supposedly ‘believable’ posts circulating the internet, we would like to remind you that:

  • Posts coming from any source, no matter how official they may seem, can still be written from a biased viewpoint. Please read between the lines and do not believe everything you see.

  • Translations may still be translated with bias in mind. Please remember that translators can choose how they translate a post in order to put one party or another in a bad light.

  • Withhold judgement from both parties until you know the full story. Speculating or assuming that events have happened without prior knowledge can be harmful, and spreading rumours is worse. In our opinion, the best thing to do is remain neutral and support both parties: Kris for his future, and EXO for their future.

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[WEIBO] 140517 - Lay’s Update

I don’t care who you are, don’t curse my family, don’t touch my fans, they’re the most precious things in my life.

in response to Lay’s Mum who posted: That weibo user that goes by sweeet朦胧朦胧月光, I don’t know how you can be so vicious at such a young age, how your heart is so twisted, I really sympathise with your parents, at the same time I want to give all those ‘blessings’ you have given me back to your entire family! Everyone know how to curse, but cursing you will just dirty my mouth!

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[INSTAGRAM] 140517 -Tao’s Update

Our cool @mihawkback hyung ㅋㅋ ♡♡♡

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[INSTAGRAM] 140516 -Tao’s Update

EXO concert Hwaiting! Let’s work hard! Jiayou!

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[WEIBO] 140516 -Kris’ Update

A mantis trying to stop a chariot*, I’m still well. 
I wish the best for every one, wish that you guys will get better and better. 
Thank you to everyone who supported me, thank you for all your voices. 
Wu Yifan will always be here!

*t/n: to overate oneself and attempt something impossible

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[WEIBO] 140516 -Tao’s Update

很多人看到的东西并不真实。很多人都喜欢站在人数少的那边。很多人都不原意相信事实。很多人都希望某人能和我们一起走到最后一起看着我们的银海一起走,可偏偏某人离开了我们。希望你一切都好。EXO加油~我们爱你们,世界对我们来说没有不可能! 无论发生什么。

A lot of what people see is not the truth. A lot of people like to stand on the side of the minority. A lot of people are not willing to believe the reality. A lot of people wish that a certain person will be able to walk with us to the very end, look at the silver ocean and walk together, but that very person has left us. I hope everything’s well for you. EXO jiayou~ We love you all, there is nothing in this world that is impossible to us! No matter what happens.

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