[WEIBO] 140201 -Luhan’s Update


Wishing everyone a happy chinese new year! Has everyone had something delicious to eat? ~

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[FROM. LAY] Hello. I’m LAY.

Looking back on 2013, the tears from being touched are gathering in the back of my eyes.

(I’m) not letting the tears fall, because I want to let you all see the most beautiful performance.
Just like the effort you’ve all put in when you are supporting us, EXO.
Yet there are some things that you choose not to mention to us, it’s just like that.

Time flies, in the blink of an eye we’ve already walked through 2013.
The glory and honour from this year, I want to share it with every single member of EXO and with you all.

When looking back at the very beginning, the shy and fresh looks of the ten or so of us had in front of everyone.
The only reason we have so many thumbs-up approvals now is thanks to the powerful support that you have all built for us to rely on.

Can I just say it one more time? I’m grateful, filled with emotions, touched, thankful ^u^

I really have such good luck.
If it wasn’t for EXO, there wouldn’t be the me today,
and we wouldn’t be able to see the passionate EXO of now.
Thank you all for supporting me so much.

Actually, because I’m not good at taking care of my own body, frequently, there may be times where I’m absent.
I really want to tell everyone that I am sorry.
And each and every one of the members is fantastic, everyone has their own domain that they are strong in and a space to express themselves.
I hope that you all will be able to like this multi-faceted EXO.

Waiting, it implies that it can be long or short. Once a long period of time has passed, it’s possibly even forgotten.
But I hope, that when the time that I can perform for you all comes, you won’t be stingy with a nod, or a smile.
Because they are the very sparks that light up our goals and the fighting spirit in our hearts.
You have all already become a part of us that we cannot be without.

And so in 2014, we must walk hand in hand, together, towards the future!
Thank you for everything that you have given us! I wish you all luck in the year of the horse 2014!
(There are 4 horses in our group, I’m a unicorn, which is a kind of horse, I count in this zodiac year as well!)

Young kids, collect many red packets.
Older kids, do well in your studies.
Middle aged friends, may your salaries rise.
Elderlies, may your families be happy and blissful, and have good health.

And please, also like EXO together ^u^ love u~

source cr; exo-m’s website
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[WEIBO] 140131 - Lay’s Update

大年初一 喜欢么?

Do you like the first day of the new year?

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[WEIBO] 140130 - Lay’s Update

辛苦辛苦了 到家到家了 团圆团圆了 吃饭吃饭了 开心开心了 拜年拜年了 你们呢?祝福大家每一位的2014 我在看春晚 by 蛋蛋

I’ve worked hard, I’ve arrived home, I’ve reunited with my family, I’ve eaten; I’m really happy. I’ve wished everyone a happy new year. How about you guys? I wish every single one of you a happy 2014, I’m currently watching the Spring festival. by Dandan (t/n: Lay’s nickname)

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[WEIBO] 140130 - Lay’s Update

#Another Chance(Piano Ver.)#噢 秉洋哥的歌^^ 我分享

#Another Chance(Piano Ver.)# Bing Yang-ge’s song^^ I’m sharing it


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[WEIBO] 140131 -Kris’ Update

世界再大 也要回家  新的一年 新的开始 继续该继续的 追寻该追寻的~愿我爱的和爱我的每个你2014平安健康幸福每一天! 小马儿 奔啊奔啊奔啊

No matter how big the world is, you still have to return home. A new year, a new beginning, continue what should be continued, pursue what should be pursued~ I wish for the people I love and the meigeni (t/n: each and everyone of you) who loves me to be safe, healthy and blissful every day in 2014! Little horse run run run!


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Hello everyone~

As EXO’s popularity continues to grow, and more data follows, FY!YIXING is in need of one (or more!) new admins to help us out! ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ✧

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Basic knowledge of how to access and browse weibo/baidu/fansites/daum (if you don’t, you must be willing to learn ✭)
  • Free time to be consistent with updates on FY!YIXING

It may seem difficult at first, and a little overwhelming, but if you join us, we’re here to help you out and show you how everything works – so please don’t be nervous ♥

To apply, please submit your application here:

Location/time zone:
Knowledge of weibo/baidu/etc:
Previous experience (if applicable): (have you worked for other fy blogs or sites?)
Amount of time able to spend updating FY!YIXING: (i.e. hours/day)
Method(s) of communication: (i.e. Twitter, Kakaotalk/Line, email, etc)
Other: (anything else you’d like us to know?)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us (off anon) through our askbox, or tweet us. Thank you and good luck!ヾ(❀ฺ´∀`❀ฺ)ノ

[WEIBO] 140117 - EXO-M’s Update

托大家的福,#EXO#家族在第28届Golden Disk颁奖典礼上获得了优秀的奖项!非常感谢!请大家多多期待即将要公开的照片!

Thanks to everyone, EXO won an excellent award at the 28th Golden Disk Awards! Thank you very much! Everyone please anticipate the upcoming photos!

source cr; exo-m’s weibo
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