[NEWS] 140517 - EXO members’ exclusive responses to Wu Yi Fan going solo: “We are very sad.”

Korean boy band EXO’s Chinese member Kris (Wu Yi Fan), on the 15th of May, formally requested for the Seoul Central District Court to nullify his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. The news immediately rose to attention, and fans have expressed their difficulties to accept the situation, worrying even more about whether the group’s first concert will be able to continue.

Tencent Entertainment contacted SM Entertainment and conducted an interview with the EXO-M members; all of the members expressed that Kris’s decision to terminate his contract took them by surprise. Chen disappointingly stated: “The concert that we’ve dreamed about for so long is just about to begin, yet something like this has happened, everyone is very sad.” Tao (Huang Zi Tao) bluntly stated, “This sort of bad behaviour makes others disappointed.” Aside from displaying their dissatisfaction towards Kris, the other members promised their fans that the concert and other schedules will continue.

Wu Yi Fan going solo causes a shock Rumoured to have been mistreated by company

Previously, there were rumours that Kris (Wu Yi Fan) was going solo because of the company restricting his individual growth. Numerous media companies have also attempted to make contact with SM Entertainment to confirm the truth about his termination.

SM Entertainment has previously said, “We are currently trying to confirm the truth. Right now we are very troubled, but we will try our very best to ensure that EXO’s activities will be conducted well.” On the other side, Seoul Central District Court has also announced through the media that it has received the lawsuit regarding Kris’s (Wu Yifan) contract termination.

Members: We did not previously know about Kris going solo; everyone is very hurt

Tao frankly stated, “It (the request for nullification) was actually right before the concert that is so important to all of us. He did not discuss it with anyone and went ahead with something like this; it’s the worst kind of action that makes people lose faith.” Lay (Zhang Yixing) expressed that, “We, EXO members, have no problem whatsoever with the company. We are continuing with our work.

As to whether the concert will be affected, Chen expressed his own hurt feelings. “The members are all very tired and hurt. The concert that we’ve dreamed about for so long is just about to begin, yet something like this has happened, everyone is very sad.” Xiumin (Kim Minseok) also expressed that they will put in their all to make sure the concert will not be affected: “Right now, the 11 members are currently putting their all into preparing for the concert so as to keep our promise with the fans. We Are One.

In response to EXO-M fans’ heated arguments on the internet regarding Kris’s departure, Lu Han expressed, “The thoughts of us 11 members are all the same: to put in our very best effort to prepare for the concert, and to hope that in the future there will no longer be such ill-hearted accusations.

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[NEWS] 140213 - “EXO’s Showtime, Man With Few Words Xiumin Opens his Mouth in the Last Episode…Solo Talk Show? ‘Full of Expectation’”

Xiumin started talking during ‘EXO’s Showtime’s’ last episode.

On the cable channel MBC Every1 ‘Q&A Variety-EXO’s Showtime’ episode that is airing on the 13th, the members had a special time where they looked back at the past three months and shared their perspectives. 

Xiumin, who has said that he is a man of few words,  gathered interest by stating that “My new year’s resolution for 2014 was to talk more but I don’t think I was able to do that.” Xiumin is the type to have a few words even during the ‘EXO’s Showtime’ broadcast.

For Xiumin, the members had a special arrangement. They were going to repeat the attacking variety that Baekhyun and D.O had done during the past broadcast.

Xiumin became the sole guest for the ‘Baekhyun&D.O Show’ and he endured the attack-like questions that the two MCs aimed at him and Baekhyun fazed Xiumin with remarks from the start like “Why don’t you talk” “Watching the ‘Showtime-Practice Room’ you really didn’t say a word.”

To this, Xiumin gathered strength from the members that turned into the audience and their enthusiastic reactions and responded to Baekhyun and D.O’s questions calmly word by word.

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[NEWS] 131028 - “Postponement of Xiumin and Kim Yoojung’s ‘MV’ Revealing, the Reason Is…”

Xiumin Kim Yoojung MV

It has been revealed that the revealing of the music video, regarding the music video filmed by group EXO’s Xiumin and actress Kim Yoojung, has been delayed a day.

Kim Yoojung’s shopping mall Uooz revealed on the 28th through their Facebook, “What is going on? They say that the teaser and making on air is going to be pushed back a day.”

Continuing on they added, “The reason why they can’t show it on the scheduled time is because there was some last minute editing last night. Don’t be sad and please wait a bit more. A lot are asking which singer’s music video it is but because the production company does not want to open about it, we think we should protect it.”

Before this, on the 27th, the shopping mall had put up a notice stating “The music video that Yoojungie and Xiumin-goon filmed is going to be revealed. The moment it goes from Sunday to Monday it was appear going ‘jjan.’”

Fans who heard the news about Xiumin and Kim Yoojung’s music video throughout the night have showed responses of waiting for the music video that Kim Yoojung and Xiumin appeared in with responses like “I waited a ll night and now am giving up to go to sleep,” “You will get in trouble if you push and pull with Xiumin’s name,” “Let’s not curse here. Although I’m frustrated too,” “You said it was coming out but why isn’t it? Lie?”

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[NEWS] 131006 - “Xiumin Kim Yoojung Music Video Filming Scheduled, Netizen Curiosity - Anticipation Induction”

Xiumin Kim Yoojung are scheduled to film a music video.

However, above all else, what captured the fans’ interest was the post the Kim Yoojung’s side left. It is because they left a post saying, “Are you spending an enjoyable Sunday? On Monday Yoojungie is filming a music video with EXO Xiumin. You’re curious right? We will upload soon on Uooz Community. Have an enjoyable weekend.” 

Following this, fans are curious and being suspicious over the content and whose music video EXO Xiumin and Kim Yoojung will film for on the 7th.

Netizens are showing reactions of, “What kind of combination is Xiumin and Kim Yoojung,” “But Xiumin and Kim Yoojung are nine years apart?” “Even if Xiumin is a baby-face, with a child actress?” “I’m anticipating whose mv it is,” “Is it Xiumin’s acting challenge?” “If Kim Yoojung is coming out, the quality is guaranteed.”

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[NEWS] 130928 - “EXO Xiumin, Attempt at ‘Music Core’ One Day MC Substituting for No Hongchul”

EXO member  Xiumin became a MBC ‘Music Core’ one day MC.

He took No Hongchul’s place on the ‘Music Core’ episode on the 28th, alongside SHINee Minho and Kim Sohyun.

He showed an overflowing amount of spirit by saying “I was nervous when I debuted as EXO but I am really nervous now too. However, I will try my best.”

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[NEWS] 130724 - “EXO, Official First Album Repackage Album Release! Follow-up Song is ‘Growl’”



EXO will take action in follow-up song promotions after releasing their official first repackage album.

EXO will release their first official album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ repackage album, that contains three new songs, including their follow-up song ‘Growl,’  on August 5th. In one month after releasing their first album, they held a record of selling 380 thousand albums as well as sweeping Asian music charts in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Also, as much as they recorded first place on American Billboard World Album chart and achieved an all-kill on main broadcast music programs and various music charts by winning first place, this song is also expected to gather a hot response.

EXO will show their performance starting August 1st, on Mnet ‘M Countdown,’ August 2nd, on KBS ‘Music Bank,’ August 3rd, on MBC ‘Show! Music Core,’ and ending August 4th, on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ and officially start promotions. 

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[WEIBO/NEWS] EXO-M receives the ‘Most Popular Group’ at China’s Music Awards Ceremony !

EXO-M receives the ‘Most Popular Group’ at China’s Music Awards Ceremony !

Following the Music Billboard Newcomers ceremony, they swept the end of year ceremony too!

EXO-M received the “Most Popular Group Award” at China’s Music Billboard End of Year Ceremony, becoming a huge topic.

On the 14th, at 7.30pm (Local time), at the “13th Music Billboard End of Year Ceremony” held in China, Shenzhen Bay Sports Station, organised by the famous “Music Billboard.” An influential Chinese music awards ceremony targeted towards awarding idols that promote in China.

What’s worth mentioning is that last year September, EXO-M had already once received the “Most Popular Group Award” and the “Best Costume and Makeup At the Scene Award” against China’s newcomers, and during this time’s “Music Billboard End of Year Ceremony” they once more received the “Most Popular Group Award”, thus once more verifying their high popularity and influence in China.

The EXO-M who received the “Most Popular Group Award” on the day expressed that “last year at the ‘Music Billboard Newcomers Ceremony’ we received the ‘Most Popular Group Award’, we’re very happy that we have again received the ‘Most Popular Group Award’. Expressing their thanks to every single one of their fans. After revealing their feelings, they presented one of their songs from their first mini-album, “Your World/Angel”, and so causing an explosion of cheers.

EXO-K also attended the awards ceremony with them where not only did they celebrate EXO-M’s reward, but also presented their first mini-album’s title song <MAMA>’s dubstep edition with them on stage, making the scene’s atmosphere even more heated.

At the same time, on the 13th, in order to welcome EXO-M and EXO-K’s immigration into the country, more than a thousand fans gathered in China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Due to the huge number of visitors, the Chinese Public Order even appeared. During the interview on the 14th after the awards ceremony, Sina, Sohu, QQ etc, a huge number of important Mainland media companies, began competing for the interview, allowing people to feel the huge popularity of EXO-M and EXO-K.

On the other hand, EXO-M and EXO-K are currently fully preparing for their new album.

source: exo-m’s weibo + sme’s blog
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[NEWS] 130404 - EXO’S One Year Anniversary Since Debut, Fans Volunteer and Spread Positive Energy


EXO is about to celebrate their One Year Anniversary


EXO fans spread the positive energy

Sina Entertainment News by 饺子皮

In 2012 produced by Korean company SM Entertainment is an immensely popular new group made up of 12 boys, and the name of this group is EXO. From the moment they debuted, this group has swept the entire of Asia. EXO’s MAMA has stormed though and gradually presented itself in Asia. The 8th of April is the one year anniversary since EXO’s official debut. To EXO’s fans, this is a date with much commemorative meaning, they are using their own methods to celebrate EXO’s one year anniversary, doing charity and returning to the community to spread positive energy belonging to EXO. And this series of events have received the unanimous good comments from the public and society.

EXO’s Official One Year Anniversary        Winning many big awards

On the 8th of April last year, a new group called EXO was birthed to, using a unique group concept they have received strong support from the public. The album’s title song MAMA uses a magnificent sound to highlight the charming voices of EXO-K and EXO-M. Furthermore, the lyrics perceptually express the struggles humans have in this world of reality and numbers (imagination), and the regret of the lack of communication (between people), as well as the feeling of longing after being able to find pure love, takes the degree of completion of this song to another level. The 12 members are in EXO-K: Kim Junmyeon, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun and in EXO-M: Kim Minseok, Luhan, Wu Yifan, Zhang Yixing, Kim Jongdae, Huang Zitao. The 8 Korean members and 4 Chinese members all have their different charms, their solid skills allowed them to win the Most Popular Group at the 5th Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang Newcomer Awards and the Best New Asian Artist Award at the 2012 Hong Kong Asian Music Awards, in less than half a year, to be able to win these many awards in such a short amount of time, one is able to see that their popularity is really not one to be underestimated.

Idol’s Fans Gather to Join Charitable Acts              Warm the hearts of people

In the space of time after they’ve ended promotions for their title song, the members of EXO have not been slacking off, they are working hard to prepare even better music and a new look, and at the same time continuously volunteering, helping to clean the orphanage along with the children. Even from before debut, EXO has already been engaging in volunteering activities. This is the third time. The members expressed, “Even though there are other places that we volunteer at, but we are still the happiest seeing the children.” As EXO is engaging in volunteer work, their fans are similarly using positive energy to return to society. The carrying of charitable acts countrywide initiated by the EXO Group Bar (EXO’s Chinese fan forum),is also being carried out in China. Fans have also used the power of their weibos to join in the proceeds of these charitable acts. According to our understanding, EXO fans have initiated activities to care for the environment and to care for the old and the socially vulnerable in areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hebei.

Asia’s new stars EXO’s One Year Anniversary      Awaiting Their Magnificent Return

The 8th of April is the one year anniversary of the strong new group EXO. After releasing their first new mini album MAMA last year, EXO has not been like the other new groups striking while the iron is hot and promoting at full force. As they have not released a new album since almost a year since their debut, fans are both anticipating and anxious. From the end of last year, there has been constant news about EXO’s impending comeback, and along with these few months of waiting, does SM Entertainemnt want to use this occasion of their one year anniversary to surprise everyone?

In the past year of 2012, EXO has only participated in a few family concerts and promoting their songs on variety shows. But their popularity is still rising, such popularity is seldom seen in new groups. Furthermore, under the arrangement of their company, EXO has participated in volunteer activities in the orphanage. While playing with the children we can see the positive energy and love of their youthful spirit. In the past when interviewing the EXO members, they have revealed that they are currently preparing for their new album. Recently, the EXO members have also appeared with new hairstyles when they came to visit at the Super Show 5, looks like we can really anticipate EXO’s comeback!

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