[NEWS] 120625 - Handsome EXO-M strikes “Do Your Best,” challenging former Olympic Champion.

Mango TV July edition: Within just a month’s time, they needed to prepare for new programs with almost 7 new sections, which included the participation of many celebrities (many of whom were invited). It’s not difficult to imagine, July’s Mango TV will have an arena gathered with celebrities. Reporters were recently informed that the new recorded section, “Rush Forward Towards Happiness and Do Your Best”, next Monday and Tuesday will introduce the first celebrity lineup to help out with the revised edition. Among these include, “The Prince of Gymnastics”, Li Xiaopeng, with his whole family to help out. There was even the new rising idol group EXO-M; well-known Hong Kong singer and actor Alex Fong; multiple job celebrity Bai Kainan; “golden proportioned” super model Ai Shangzhen; Happy Camp MC Du Haitao, and so on – stars who will take you to play until you drop this midsummer. Of course, they are not only here to play, but also to complete different kinds of team spirit challenging tasks.

Handsome EXO-M strikes, challenging former Olympic Champion.

A Korean group who were only officially announced to debut on the 1st of April, EXO-M. With their first appearance, within a time frame of less than two months, on the country’s most influential variety show “Happy Camp” (on the 25th of April) this new rising idol group is striking again – once again, they are on Mango TV entrusted with another important appointment on the stage of the difficult and challenging program, “Rush Forward Towards Happiness and Do Your Best.”

From this it’s found that the six members of EXO-M will become a passionate and challenging group, doing their best to take on the composition of the celebrity-challenging team, which includes the former Olympic Champion Li Xiaopeng and others; thus being recognised as a popular, handsome and champion of strength showdowns’ idol group.

"The Flying Fish Prince", Alex Fong’s first time participating in a mainland athletic program’s stage.

Aside from his identity as a singer, we’re much more willing to use the identity of “the Flying Fish Prince” to position Alex Fong here. According to the directing group of “Rush Forward Towards Happiness and Do Your Best”, the only reason they thought of inviting Alex Fong was not only for him being a well-known Hong Kong singer and actor, but most importantly because he was once a huge celebrity in Hong Kong’s sporting sector.

Before entering the entertainment circle, Alex Fong was the representative of Hong Kong’s swimming team, representing Hong Kong as they surpassed the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games; yet as early as in 1995, he also was the first to break Hong Kong’s record of winning eight gold medals in swimming, till today. At the same time he was also the torch bearer during the Hong Kong section in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

This was Alex Fong’s first time participating in a mainland athletic program’s stage, also with China’s “Prince of Gymnastics” Li Xiaopeng, and so on to form a team of passionate challengers, meeting the 90-line popular idol group EXO-M’s challenge.

The champions helped out, the idols gathered, the beautiful women joined. Next week on the two consecutive days of the 25th and 26th, “Rush Forwards Towards Happiness and Do Your Best” will be officially recorded within sight of the city district’s Sapphire Stadium, fans of Mango commented that this will inevitably be the most popular motivational game of the summer, and will also be the most relaxing visual feast on the screen this summer.

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